Yesterday I went to walk by the neighborhood of villaverde me sat of both walking, saw cars, pass, people walking from one side to another in their world talk of Economics, family, children, crisis, credit, holidays, etc.
Credits banks not given, both to company or individual, I am one of so many people that last week was approached to a box of savings in this case box Madrid, I have a loan person with them that term in September this year pay even I have my nominate domiciled in the said institución.Me attended and told me that not another credit could give me.
Comment me that had already with them loan which I promptly paid, and I have not been badly the excuse that gave me was that didn't my nominate in said Bank now saw that, before when made me the previous loan that not saw, taking a job, more than three year old, and paying all my invoices per day, gave me response a not.
Cash Madrid as we all recall him merit 76.6 million euros to the real Madrid, who chairs Florentino Pérez, between Madrid cash and bank Santander provided you 152 million euros, while I just called for 10,000 thousand euros not millones.Como are handled much money and I we are in crisis; sera only crisis for some and others not.

The President of Caja Madrid Miguel blah above all this was a departed stir in the media saying that he gives credit to all those who ask us and give us guarantee that not going them to devolver.Falso I di warranty and asked them a small loan not a fortune told no.Lo that this verse is meant blah throughout Spain understood wrong include dome that you granted credit to all club footballer than the necesiten.por that for them if there are appropriations.

When I close to other financial institution is this bank or cash; say me that I am Florentino, family or the real Madrid shareholder perhaps there I meet and give go-ahead to my request.

Where this aid to businesses and individuals in their boxes and banks which made with the Government to facilitate the loan commitments.
Cash Madrid was the third entity benefit fund for acquisition of financial assets, the entity which is chaired by Miguel blah received 1.320 million 19.341 distributed by the Government in December 2008 between the main financial entities

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